Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is aimed to define the guidelines that should guide the internal relationship among NELSON WILIANS & ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS’ employees, and the relationship that they build with the customers and the Legal Practitioners

The current guidelines apply to all members of NWADV — whether they are partners, associates, members of administrative staff or of the legal body.

Knowledge and strict observation of national legislation — especially, the Code of Ethics and Discipline of OAB (Brazilian Bar Association) — mutual respect, transparency, truth, loyalty, responsibility and integrity.

4Working Conditions
NWADV shall provide its members impeccable working conditions: compliance with the law, rules, labor and contractual rights. NWADV shall provide ergonomic workspaces, computer equipment, books and research materials.

Everyone must contribute for a balanced, serene and pleasant workplace, without any kind of discrimination. Pranks, jokes and behaviors that imply scorn, moral, physical or sexual harassment will be repudiated.

6Execution of Services
Legal Services: strict observation of the legislation applicable to each case; as well as Case Law, study and research of legal tenets, and ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Administrative Services: compliance with technical standards and appropriate procedures.

Technical Guidelines: immediate and correct application of technical guidelines — best practices in legal and accounting areas, contract drafts, standardization of initial pleadings, control systems, among others. Noncompliance with these guidelines implies personal liability of the violator, without prejudice to item “11” below and eventual discharge for cause, depending on the severity of noncompliance.

Fee Agreement: no service can be performed without its corresponding fee agreement, which must be unequivocal about the object, execution terms and conditions, compensation, and so on. Additional services or change of clauses must mandatorily be included in a proper Addendum to the Agreement.

Maintenance of strictest professional secrecy concerning legal matters entrusted to NWADV; as well as confidentiality of the internal information of the office.

8Relationship with Customers
Full transparency, clear recommendation of which legal measures should be taken, what are the potential risks, benefits and consequences; follow-up of the proceedings from the very beginning up to effective res judicata. Our team is always ready to answer questions quickly and provide reports, receipts, pleadings, and other documents, whenever requested by the customer. Any information and/or technical guidance must necessarily be made in writing with a unique identification (full name, number of professional identity card and contacts) of the signatory.

9Relationship with Legal Practitioners
We treat all professionals of the legal area with independence, respect and fairness, whether they are former litigant, competitors, government officials, judges or legal practitioners in general.

10Individual Responsibility
Our lawyers are individually responsible for their attitudes, procedural activities undertaken and guidance offered to customers in the administrative, civil and criminal laws.

11Responsibility of Subsidiaries
Each subsidiary of NWADV — a legal entity separated from the major company, with unique registers both at the Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil (document known as CNPJ or National Register of Legal Entities) and at the local Sectional of OAB (Brazilian Bar Association) — is administratively, civilly and criminally liable in the person of its legal representative, the Institutional Director, for the acts, facts, debts, consequences, etc., practiced and/or generated within his/her subsidiary.

12Personal and Professional Reputation
Each professional working for NWADV must keep an unblemished personal and professional reputation; always behaving with dignity, respect and discretion, in a relentless search for technical and cultural improvement.

13Respect for the Company Assets
NWADV assets must be used exclusively for business purposes, and every member of the organization should feel responsible for the maintenance and preservation of the company assets. Computer hardware and especially electronic messages should not be used, by no means, for dissemination of personal messages, chain letters, jokes, and so on.

14Questions and Violations
Any questions about this Code of Ethics and any omission that may have occurred, as well as the reporting of any alleged violations, should be submitted in writing to the local Institutional Director. If the issue is not resolved within the subsidiary under discussion, it shall be forwarded, always in writing, to the shareholders at the Headquarters.

This Code of Ethics, along with the Vision, Mission and Values Statement, will be disclosed internally, via email and on the website: Copies will be provided to all partners, associates and employees, being such content for broad and general knowledge.