Social Responsability

Our Commitment


We believe that it is necessary to make a difference not only for our customers, but also for society as a whole. For this reason, we promote and encourage internal and external educational actions, investing time, money, and all of our skills to transform the lives of thousands of people throughout the country.

Gender Equity

We seek to provide opportunities and conditions for our employees to achieve their own advancement, whether in leadership positions or in making important decisions. Encouraging and promoting actions that maintain an equal work environment between men and women.

Beyond the office in 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nelson Wilians Institute, our social investment arm, together with Justiça de Saia and Institute Bem Querer Mulher, founded the Justiceiras Project. An initiative that supports and guides girls and women who are victims of gender-based violence against women.

Social Investment Arm

Founded in 2017, Nelson Wilians Institute, a social and non-profit organization, is our social investment arm. Based in São Paulo, INW works for social empowerment as a condition to overcome inequalities.

It wants to empower people to exercise their citizenship fully, to have their rights guaranteed, and to be protagonists in the transformation of society. To this end, it works in partnership with local social institutions, through programs focused on Education and Law. The Institute has social justice as its guiding principle and prioritizes the assistance to teenagers, young people, and women, historically the most affected by inequalities in Brazil.


Pro Bono

Aiming to support, guide and democratize knowledge about our rights and duties, in partnership with INW, since 2018, we offer the Pro Bono service for Civil Society Organizations and social initiatives in two ways: the first initiative was born to provide consultative assistance to organizations in their demands that need to be analyzed by the Specialized Nucleus for the Third Sector; and the second way is Mutirão Jurídico, where our lawyers go to a community, within the national territory, and answer and guide the local population about their legal doubts.


We understand that volunteer programs are opportunities for associates, employees, and institutional partners to exercise citizenship by offering their expertise, services, or resources at no cost.

With our professionals involved in social initiatives, we want to transform society through personal engagement, enabling human and professional growth, and promoting the development of a network of people who are supportive, empathetic, and responsible for their surroundings.

Through these initiatives, we want to provide conditions for communities in situations of social vulnerability to develop and become autonomous. We want to bring information and knowledge, contributing to the human and social growth of all people.


Through programs and actions carried out in partnership with social organizations of recognized seriousness, quality, inclusive, and equitable education is promoted for people in a state of vulnerability.

The support to social projects is given through articulation with partner institutions. In 2018 and 2019, five programs were executed on this front, and from 2020 on, the financial contribution started to be destined to direct investment in education projects executed by social organizations, by means of calls for proposals and their own projects. Current issues:

Social Organization Projects

Social Impact Businesses

“Fazendo Vencer” Project


The Committee is part of an internal corporate education initiative from our office, which seeks to bring together and train our employees and qualify the creation of content on topics that are essential to the Institute. Together with INW, the team of volunteer collaborators promotes social impact projects.


We develop educational actions and encourage discussions in order to propose solutions and movements that make a difference beyond our office. Through campaigns like NW+Gentil and Repense ECO NWADV, we promote initiatives that positively impact the environment.

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