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Innovative Thinking


INNOVATION in our firm is driven by constantly evolving competencies – lawyers, process improvement experts, project managers, technology partners – working together dynamically.

Innovative thinking as a factor for sustainability

Innovation is present in our purpose of offering quality legal services, keeping up with a world in constant change. It is in the way we think about the business and in the various stages of our legal advisory model, from communication with clients and with the team, to the way we deliver our services.

We believe that the best responses to the challenges brought about by the waves of change that have occurred in the economic, social, and political landscape require creative, innovative, and collaborative thinking.

Investing in new technologies

We are committed to constantly investing in technology and innovation in order to offer our clients the legal security expected in an increasingly disruptive and challenging world.

It is necessary to invest in new technologies!

After all, many processes can be created or optimized with substantial gains.

Besides the technological bias, we stimulate our team to have an innovative look, starting with day-to-day activities, in order to improve the way our collaborators deal with organizational problems and challenges.

Creativity to deliver a better legal experience

We believe that by providing a close and engaging experience to our clients, we gain a strategic advantage that has the potential to generate growth and sustainability in a legal marketplace touched by increased competition and disruption.

To this end, we encourage our team to act creatively, rethinking the way we provide legal services in order to offer the experience our clients expect. Looking at the customer journey creatively allows us to provide a better experience and take a more strategic position in the delivery of legal services.

We strive to meet the exact needs of our customers with excellence, in order to provide a more practical journey from a business point of view, and a more enjoyable one from a personal point of view.

Reimagining the customer journey in the legal industry is crucial to staying relevant.

Encouraging the creative potential of teams is one of the most promising, if not the most attractive, opportunity for law firms to offer a legal experience that better meets client needs and allows professionals to also feel more fulfilled in their careers.

Digital and technological engagement

The adoption of technology has never been more important in the legal industry.

In recent years, offices have engaged in the use of technology tools that speed up tasks or bring efficiency to the management of internal and external demands. With this in mind, we remain attentive to technological trends and adherent to the continuous changes that lead the market to an increasingly digital involvement, whether with clients, internal teams, or the judiciary branch.

– Customer meetings and online training;
– Automation of operational activities in a broader conception;
– Management at sight through online reports and dashboards;

These are some of the tools we apply to optimize legal operations.

The presence of project specialists and data analysts supporting our legal operations follows a worldwide trend of improving the mechanisms for continuous analysis of operations to guide decisions, support our clients, and optimize office flows.

Digital Legal Library

The implementation of a digital legal library has facilitated our professionals’ access to several titles, since working from home office or in a hybrid system ends up favoring the use of alternative online resources.

As a result, we are testing a new approach that focuses on behavior change to drive more and more adoption of our legal technology tools.

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