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An advanced litigation management model


Over the years, we have invested in redesigning our service models, applying technology to operations, and embracing new ways of thinking about litigation.

The diversity of goals and results expected by clients, added to the continental dimensions of our country and the plurality of the Judiciary Branch’s performance, imposes on law firms a great challenge in the delivery of excellence.

We aggregate expertise to have in our portfolio
Our priority is to reinvent ourselves through a contemporary and constantly improving vision of legal service delivery.

New paradigms in the legal universe

Strategic Segmentation

The implementation of specialized areas in the development of certain routines provides efficiency, quality gain, and legal security for each operation. This is the case with our settlement cell that plays an important role in reducing liabilities by exercising the settlement policies modeled by clients.

The performance of professionals with soft skills focused on negotiation, allied to the production of intelligence data on the progress of the results of settlements, allows the continuous adjustment of this operation, the visibility of the impact factors for the effective conciliation, and the achievement of strategic results.

Another example is the final check, performed in 100% of the lawsuits by our closing team. All the process details go through a final check, enabling the conclusion with the expected security and parameterization of the intelligence data required for the preparation of results reports and other reports.

Automating Tasks

In a world where we have more choices about how to perform tasks, human connection will always prevail in delivering the best of its potential!

Automating repetitive and routine legal tasks with document automation, legal applications, or decision trees frees lawyers to focus on higher-value and more rewarding work.

We have adapted to automation to improve the delivery potential of our teams.

This is a natural market trend – freeing up time spent on repetitive tasks to allow the team to focus on higher-value activities, on delivering the best customer experiences and results.

Customized models for provisioning lawsuits

We know that one of the great challenges clients face is the assertive provisioning of the amounts that will be spent on the payment of lawsuits. This reserve should be as close as possible to what was predicted and realized, that is, to what actually happened in the proceeding.

– Objective definition of the criteria for risk measurement;
– Use of intelligent reports and workflows to manage prognosis change with traceability and visibility;
– Maintenance of the history of imputed predictions throughout the life of the process;
– Update of historical values based on appropriate criteria.

These are just some of the factors that impact achievement of an assertive provision.

We support our clients with methodologies anchored in the experience of those who have managed countless case portfolios in the most varied segments and areas of law. Our team has the knowledge and technological tools to generate statistical analyses, observing the provisioning rules of each client, to design accurate models that adhere to the reality of each company.

We use our background in portfolio behavior analysis to work with the outcome data from lawsuits (civil, labor, and tax), achieve greater accuracy in provisioning models, and reduce the impact on our clients’ balance sheets. Supporting them in the assertiveness of their provisions is important to add value to the legal services and to the relationship of trust that is the basis for the maintenance of our contracts.

Management at a glance

Dynamic dashboards that enable real-time analysis of the case base, detailing the timeline of cases, trigger causes, volumetric and regional segmentation, and results data, allowing pari passu follow-up of the portfolios.

Analysis focused on each customer’s portfolio bringing intelligence data that allows the adoption of preventive actions for the reduction of trigger points and the implementation of changes within the window of opportunity.

Application of Artificial Intelligence through automation robots for the execution of volume and standardized daily routines, aiming at legal security in routine performance, with quality gain and agility in administrative procedures.

Legal Design e Visual Law

We have created new ways to communicate legal and administrative information, reinventing communication with clients and internal teams, using Legal Design and Visual Law principles through friendly, accessible and engaging templates.

By adopting legal design to improve our Workbooks, guides and newsletters, with visual and interactive step-by-step screening, we are adding real value to our work processes, making it easier to achieve the main goals of these communication flows.

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