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Our Center participates in several discussion forums and events on Administrative, Regulatory, and Infrastructure Law, which makes it one of the most updated law firms in the country. Check out some of our activities below.


  • Legal counseling in governmental business and relationships with public agencies; in particular, biddings, administrative contracts, Public-Private Partnerships, structuring of infrastructure programs, concession and permissions of public services, as well as in cases of administrative improbity, crimes against public entities (individuals and companies) and defenses before the audit courts.
  • Legal advice and the accompaniment of national and international investors in relationships with public agencies in the monitoring and technical evaluation of investments and business opportunities in municipalities, states, and the Federal Union, as well as in the analysis of political and legal aspects in infrastructure projects and financing.
  • Hiring and bidding under the RDC, structuring and negotiating construction contracts in its various forms, such as EPC and EPCM, as well as legal advice related to mergers and acquisitions, the execution of regulatory due diligence and legal advice in the valuation process.
  • Development of regulatory solutions in the administrative and judicial spheres in various strategic sectors of the economy, such as energy (minerals, electric power, oil, gas and biofuels), transport and urban mobility (airports, ports, highways and railroads), regulation of Health Plans, Competition Law and proceedings before the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), Public Civil Actions, Class Actions and anti-corruption measures.
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Areas of expertise