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Agrobusiness is a highly profitable sector, comprising almost 30% of the Brazilian GDP and is the segment that sustains the country and impacts several market sectors. As one of the main pillars of the economy, it undoubtedly demands the highest excellence from service providers.

Within the segment, there is a growing global concern with the environment and, as a result, the need to improve sustainable practices grows proportionally. These are scenarios and demands that are directly linked to new technologies.

After all, agribusiness today has become synonymous with innovation and technology, investing more and more in what is new and technological to improve its processes. It is no longer necessary to deforest in order to increase production capacity, for example, technology has enabled and worked in favor of the environment.

About the Centre

We are aware of all the changes and demands that agrobusiness has made not only in Brazil, but worldwide. Formalized two years ago, our AgrobusinessTechnical Center has, as a geographic matter, its coordination concentrated in the branches in Goiás, Mato Grosso, and Mato Grosso do Sul (with national performance), investing in highly qualified professionals trained in various areas of law that work with consulting and litigation, able to broadly support our customers.


Among our activities, we provide consulting in processes to adapt the business activity and its development to legal regulations, ensuring conformity in the processes without conflicting with the norms in force.

In addition to helping in negotiations, both nationally and internationally, we can count on support abroad. Contracts are reviewed, prepared, deeds are analyzed, regularizations are promoted, among other activities. All, in order to strengthen the sector and help it face its challenges.

Check out more about our activities below:

  • Urban and rural land regularization;
  • Acting in consulting, negotiation, and contractual issues, and even in litigation processes typical of the productive chain of this sector of the economy;
  • Analysis, review and drafting of credit instruments, mainly rural ones (Rural Product Bill – CPR, CDA, WA, CDCA, LCA and CRA);
  • Contracts of agricultural and cattle-raising nature (rural partnership, rural leasing, purchase and sale of agricultural inputs, raw materials and commodities, loan for export of animal protein products, etc.);
  • Arbitrations involving agrobusiness players;
  • Commercial, financial, partnership and joint venture contracts and operations;
  • Analysis of negotiations in the future market in over-the-counter and exchange operations;
  • Logistics, transportation, and warehousing contracts;
  • Obtaining licenses and registrations necessary for the exercise of rural activities;
  • Creditor protection measures and credit recovery against rural producers under judicial reorganization;
  • Precautionary proceedings for the seizure of crops and other assets related to agribusiness, acquisition and leasing of rural properties;
  • Review and analysis of guarantees in operations with agricultural commodities (mortgage, agricultural pledge and fiduciary alienation);
  • Follow-up and legal assistance in environmental authorization/licensing and granting processes;
  • Development of relationship strategies with the stakeholders involved (internal and external) in order to seek greater agility and transparency in the environmental licensing process.
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Areas of expertise