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Civil Litigation


The civil area needs to reinvent itself on a daily basis, respecting the peculiarities of each sector of the economy, and the size and individual needs of each client. This is the challenge, to be prepared for simple or complex demands in litigation, focusing on real and possible solutions that positively impact the results expected by clients, acting as a true business partner.

We value the relationship and loyalty of our clients, especially when it comes to litigation. The legal technique allied to the knowledge about the branch that our clients are inserted make all the difference in the defense of interests in a practical way and with effective results

About the Centre and its activities

Our interdisciplinarity allows us to act in complex civil litigation claims, aggregating knowledge from several areas and professionals. The commitment is to the result, the best technical solution, and the practice to the client, from a strictly business point of view.

With state-of-the-art technology, our team holds a high productive quality, management, and control in volume claims, especially in matters related to consumer and civil relations. The experience of years of executing large portfolios allows us to guarantee a differentiated performance, since we understand what is important to the clients.

We have coordinators and lawyers dedicated and exclusive to serving each client, aiming at improving results and ensuring the specificity of a performance directed to our clients’ business.

All processes with greater complexity, whether technical or legal, are conducted by more senior lawyers, in order to ensure the differentiated treatment that the case requires, with constant reporting and alignment with the client.

Within each area, we have a legal management responsible for the ongoing interaction among the client’s various business areas, ensuring that our lawyers maintain a strategic focus on our primary activity.

There are three main operational subdivisions: technical, legal controllership and compliance, and quality management.

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