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Our Business Law Center has expertise and solid experience in providing legal advice and consultancy to small, medium and large companies, from any sector, as well as to Brazilian and foreign entrepreneurs and investors, by analyzing, planning and performing the legal services described below.


  •  Drafting, reviewing and discussing business agreements (franchise agreements, leasing agreements, fiduciary alienation in guarantee agreements, fiduciary assignment agreements, agency and sales representation agreements, distribution agreements, purchase and sale agreements, loan agreements with or without convertibility into equity participation, angel investor agreements, partnership agreements, commercial or non-residential leasing agreements, among others);
  • Legal assistance and consultancy with respect to credit instruments, including, without limitation, bank credit bills, debentures, among others;
  • Legal advice and consultancy regarding trademarks and patents;
  • Legal advice and consulting in court and out-of-court reorganizations and bankruptcies;
  • Legal advice and consulting in corporate and business conflict resolution, both out-of-court, through negotiation and mediation, and in court and through arbitration;
  • Legal advice and consultancy regarding capital market issues, notably to asset management and DTVMs companies by analyzing the legal feasibility of the acquisition of assets to be backed by quotas of Private Equity Investment Funds and Credit Rights Investment Funds; acting as legal advisor of Investment Funds; analysis of Investment Fund Regulations; and responses to consultations and issuance of legal opinions with respect to capital market legislation, including normative acts of CVM and BACEN.
  • Preparation of memoranda and legal opinions on the legislation related to Investment Funds, notably the capital market legislation, corporate legislation, and normative acts issued by the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM).
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Areas of expertise