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Our Infrastructure Center has great expertise in structuring business in partnership with the government, both in common concession contracts and in PPPs. Through highly trained professionals, we act in the construction of the legal modeling of infrastructure processes, from installation of the Expression of Interest Procedure (PMI), through the performance during the bidding phase, to the provision of complete legal advice for the execution of the concession agreement or the legal business proposed in partnership with the public sector.


Infrastructure Law

  • Legal studies in Expression of Interest Proceedings (PMI/MPI/MIIP, among others);
  • Assistance in the preparation of pre-bidding legal instruments;
  • Legal modeling in infrastructure projects;
  • Preparation of legal opinions on matters of Public Law, analysis of the risks involved, and conflict solutions;
  • Assistance in the evaluation and definition of legal strategies;
  • Structuring of groups, consortiums, and businesses in infrastructure.

Regulatory Law

  • Follow-up of legal issues related to the regulatory, inspection, and sanctioning functions of Regulatory Agencies;
  • Recovery of credits from large performing companies and public authorities;
  • Defense and representation in relation to acts of sanctions application, tariff adjustments, and revision of concession and permission contracts;
  • Regulatory Due Diligence.
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Areas of expertise