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International and Arbitration


We act in the defense of companies at the national, regional (Mercosur) and international levels, in cases of violation of international trade rules, in the hypotheses of “dumping”, subsidies and compensatory measures, as well as advising foreign companies in cases of abusive trade practices in the administrative and judicial spheres in Brazil.

Our job is to help clients enjoy the benefits and avoid the pitfalls brought about by trade liberalization. To this end, we offer expert advice on issues related to international trade agreements, focusing on the impact of Mercosur and World Trade Organization (WTO) rules on business developed in Brazil, as well as the performance of Brazilian companies in the international market.

Internal (national) rights are not keeping up with the wide diffusion of clauses, expressions, and acronyms typical of international trade. This is why international conventions arise, establishing a complex of alternative rules that more effectively regulate international commercial relations. Contracting by telephone, electronic mail, e-mails and videoconferencing has substantially changed the traditional ways of contract formation, giving rise to new and revolutionary international contracting formulas: purchase and sale of goods, agency, representation, distribution, provision of services, transfer of technology, know-how, licensing, leasing, franchising, joint venture, etc. We are pioneers in the study of these new contractual modalities in Brazil, as well as in dealing with the legal effects of preliminary negotiations or treaties in Brazilian law.


  • International Law – Consulting and Litigation – Civil and Commercial: families, property, inventories, partitions, international contracts (negotiation, conclusion, execution), mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures;
  • Commercial Defense, product entry barriers, tariff preferences, regime of origin, administrative sphere with SECEX, DECOM, MERCOSUR and WTO;
  • Intellectual Property and Biodiversity;
  • Internet and Information Technology;
  • Arbitration, Negotiation, Conciliation, Mediation and Collaboration (national, regional and international)
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Areas of expertise