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With the various advances in society over the last few years, in terms of technology, the market, health, taxation, concern for the environment, and the like, criminal law has become increasingly complex, with the multiplication of administrative, criminal, and even civil norms that, together, typify conduct that, today, are considered criminal.

Thus, in order to achieve the best practices in criminal law, the level of specialization, assertiveness and customization of the performance becomes increasingly high. That is why, the strategic performance of our center is guided by the tailored conduct of case by case, with professionals specialized in various segments of law, so that the multidisciplinary legal view contributes to the excellence of the results obtained by the team.

About the centre

We act in the entire national territory, providing individualized legal support from the investigative phase to the criminal prosecution, acting on all levels, in the federal and state spheres, including the Superior Court of Justice and the Supreme Federal Court.

Besides traditional and in-litigation performance in the administrative and judicial spheres, we also support our clients in strategic situations with legal advice and guidance for decision making, legal opinions, in addition to the suggestion of preventive measures, for example, in order to avoid breaches of the law and criminal liability, in crisis management, interaction with professionals from other areas of knowledge, and international services.

We are based on ethical, responsible, and high quality performance, added to the competence to face the challenges of each cause, in an individualized and unique way.


Consultative scope

  • Drafting of technical opinions to assist the client in decision making processes;
  • Preparation of technical opinions to define strategies to be adopted and measures to be taken in pre-existing concrete cases;
  • Analysis of case files/documents, with issuance of a brief opinion about the next steps that should be adopted by the client in preexisting concrete cases;
  • Holding meetings with the client to identify and solve doubts, whether sparse or concrete situations;

Litigation sphere

  • Delineation of the defensive and/or accusatory strategy to be adopted;
  • Drafting of manifestations, procedural pieces and autonomous actions of low, medium and high complexity;
  • Procedural (for criminal actions and the like) and procedural (for inquiries) follow-up, with the issuing of descriptive reports in this regard;
  • Carrying out dispatches with the authorities responsible for the cases;
  • Conducting hearings and oral arguments;
  • Accompanying clients to police stations for hearings, interrogations or similar procedures;
  • Accompaniment of flagrant arrests;
  • Attendance at police stations, prisons, and other prison environments for meetings with incarcerated clients.

We work with the most diverse types of cases, in all instances. From procedures that deal with crimes of lesser offensive potential, to major Federal Police operations, with special performance with regard to economic and financial crimes.

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Areas of expertise