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Our Credit Recovery Center is differentiated due to its specialized services, providing our clients with the creation of the best strategy, according to the specificity of each operation, always aiming at the effective and fast recovery of credits for the company; ensuring that each stage of collection is carried out safely, strictly ethically, and in line with legal precepts.

Our proposal is to exclude the company from the obligation of collecting the referred credits from its clients, avoiding interpersonal stress and, furthermore, providing better results, in view of the specialty of the office regarding the theme.


  • Administrative: in addition to having the best tools on the market for locating people, NWADV has a billing system connected to the legal system, a telephone system, 0800, IVR, recorded calls, performance reports and drives, issuing and sending of bills via robot, and the newest tools on the market for asset tracking.
  • Legal: even before the distribution of the appropriate judicial claim, the search for property has been the great foundation for the excellent results achieved in recent years by the office. Advanced research, which escapes from the obvious, ends up boosting the process and, many times, invites the debtor to formalize the agreement, with the solution of the case.
  • The atypical coercive measures, when used in a case-specific manner, tend to produce very positive effects in the formalization of agreements, and have been used with excellent results.
  • The center acts in the commercial, real estate (consolidation and foreclosure), vehicle portfolios, and high value cases, which are deemed strategic.

More than recovering credit and bringing financial return to our clients, NWADV invests in relationships to bring the parties closer, listen to them, and find the best solution. In this way, instead of just performing collection, it seeks a fast and effective negotiation, focused on the reality of its clients and businesses.

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