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Government Relations


The purpose of our Center is to assist clients in positioning their claims and defending their interests before the Federal, State, and Municipal Legislative and Executive Branches, with the main objective of guaranteeing the civil and political rights of certain social groups.

We also provide support to the departments of Public Policy and Corporate Affairs (Corporate Affairs and crisis management of companies with own resources and/or content partners – e.g. communication agencies and economic consultancies).

Through the integration of legal services with expertise in reputational risks, we offer an interesting integration asset between government relations, public relations, and the business strategy of companies, even increasing the dialogue between private and public initiative, with planned actions based on transparency and ethics.


Performance levels:

Level 1 – Preparation of agenda, database, and activity report:

  • Survey on how the customer sector is being discussed in the Legislative, Executive, and regulatory agencies;
  • Analysis of the Official Gazette of the Federal Executive, agendas, and legislative agendas to identify occurrences of interest to the client;
  • Weekly report of activities and movements.

Level 2 – Strategic Planning:

  • Channel of dialogue with the agency, scheduling meetings, public hearings, white papers, and analysis for the client;
  • Insertion or withdrawal of amendments, highlighting, obstructions of agenda, and legislative strategies to achieve a desired goal.

Level 3 – Post-Processing

  • Technical study on the legality and impacts of the accompanied legal provisions;
  • Preventive measures that the client should take to avoid future lawsuits.
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