Areas of expertise



The Health Centre meets the Supplementary Health demands with a team of technical professionals and specialists.


  • Strategic Litigation in Supplementary Health Care – Utilization guidelines, ANS, fraud, etc;
  • Criminal litigation as plaintiff – fighting fraud in the use and fakes committed in the course of legal proceedings;
  • Advice on regulatory matters – ANS and other agencies;
  • Implementation of controls and indicators related to healthcare litigation;
  • Credit recovery, both in the corporate and individual segments – charging for network usage when out of contract;
  • Advice in Comparative Law and regulatory frameworks;
  • Management of provisioning for legal and administrative proceedings, according to the rules of the Accounting Pronouncements Committee;
  • Preparation of opinions in accordance with the legislation and regulatory norms of the health sector – ANS, CONSU, etc.;
  • Monitoring of new lawsuits, with technical performance prior to the analysis of the preliminary injunction request, with the presentation of technical subsidies in cases that allow the judge a better first analysis.
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Areas of expertise