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As the largest corporate office in the country, we have all the infrastructure and technical quality to provide services to non-profit entities, meeting all the demands and specificities of the Third Sector.

Complying with the determinations of Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fully engaged in social investment, we founded the Nelson Wilians Institute, which operates throughout Brazil, focusing on social empowerment as a condition for overcoming inequality.

About the Centre

Our Third Sector Center provides legal and administrative services in the civil, labor, and especially tax areas. Aiming to contribute to the regular operation of CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) and the compliance with the legislation applicable to this sector.

To do so, we have a specialized team that follows all the steps of the CSOs, from their creation and registration, to the preparation and revision of internal rules, the analysis of the Legislation and its application to Private Foundations, Private Associations, Class Entities, and even Religious Organizations.


  • Legal assistance in contracting with public agencies;
  • Public and private fundraising, through a previous viability diagnosis of the entity;
  • Preparation, review and amendment to the Bylaws, Internal Regulations, Integration and Norms Manuals, Policies and Guidelines for Third Sector Actions;
  • Consulting in the accreditation with the bodies and councils in the area of activity of the entities, as well as the follow-up of inspections and rendering of accounts;
  • Consulting services on Legislation applied to Civil Society Organizations through the drafting of legal and technical opinions.

The NWADV is a pioneer law firm in the recognition of the right to tax immunity provided in articles 150, VI “c” and 195 § 7 of the Constitution of the Republic, ruling out through our action, the collection of Federal taxes (INSS Patronal, PIS on payroll, SAT/RAT, COFINS), State (ITCMD, IPVA, ICMS) and Municipal (IPTU, ITBI, ISS) on property, assets, income and services of entities operating in the areas of social assistance, education and health.

We also provide administrative assistance to institutions that wish to be certified by the respective competent bodies and to obtain or renew the CEBAS of the Complementary Law 187/2021.

The importance of legal and administrative counseling for the Third Sector Entities is evidenced by the assistance in the execution of projects, contracts, partnerships, agreements, and/or consortia, in addition to obtaining certifications, which will certainly enable the expansion of the organizational activities with the consequent reaching of more beneficiaries of the services rendered, with quality and social responsibility in a permanent and surplus manner.

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