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With a view to always protecting clients against illegal charges by the Public Treasuries, reducing or even eliminating undue tax obligations (as, for example, in the development of tax theses), we have a structured and consolidated tax area with expressive performance in the national market.


About the Centre

Our tax center is prepared to meet strategic, preventive, and litigious demands (administrative and judicial), relying on highly qualified professionals throughout the country, enabling a customized and differentiated follow-up according to the peculiarities of each company.

Given its structure and importance in the legal, economic, and business scenario, NWADV is currently responsible for conducting tax claims of important companies, public and private, national and foreign, from various segments of the economy.



  • Tax planning and consulting;
  • Analysis of tax issues with the issuance of guidelines, legal opinions, and reports;
  • Assistance directed to the prevention of tax assessment risks and to the use of benefits and tax credits, including the refund and offset of unduly paid taxes, as well as to the obtainment of tax clearance certificates;
  • Sponsorship of administrative and legal proceedings in the federal, state and municipal spheres, in all instances, including presentation of briefs and oral arguments before the Courts.


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We have a structured and consolidated tax area, with an expressive performance in the national market.

With a performance that aims to protect customers from incorrect interpretations made by Public Administration, NWADV’s goal is the reduction or elimination of undue taxes or illegal accessory obligations.

The work of the tax center is to meet the strategic, litigious, and preventive demands. In this sense, it has professionals specialized in the matter all over the national territory to act in the administrative and judicial litigation area, in all instances, with a personal and differentiated follow-up.

With its own branches in all states, it acts directly with the Courts and other public departments. He is currently responsible for handling tax claims from large public and private companies. Its collection encompasses active and passive claims of varying complexity.

NWADV, because of its high business performance, can provide its clients with timely tax theses, according to the business segments and the specificities of its clients, all aligned with the legal possibility of the request, through the consolidated positioning of the higher courts.

In addition, it acts in tax consulting and taxplanning, seeking tax regularity of the companies, obtaining the necessary and indispensable Certificates to regulate their operation.

In this way, we are able to act in the refund of taxes, issue tax opinions and opinions, file or defend legal proceedings, provide guidance with regard to tax regularization, advise on individual and collective actions, monitor inspections, and present defenses in the administrative sphere or in any demand in the spheres: Municipal, State and Federal.

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