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Today, Compliance has moved beyond the concept of “Best Practices” to become a business attribute.  Compliance programs and mechanisms were once considered mere tools to fight illegal acts; however, the legislative evolution on the subject has brought new scenarios, with an increasing number of companies raising the integrity levels in their business to ensure their reputation and sustainability in the market.

In general, investors are more demanding when doing business in the country, so not having a Compliance Program can mean losing business opportunities. The implementation of the program allows the companies to know themselves better, mapping risks and anticipating situations that could cause considerable losses due to non-compliance with legislation and sectorial regulations, lack of care with their professionals, or even, due to carelessness with third parties.

About the centre

Our centre has a specialized team, responsible for implementing and managing the firm’s internal Compliance and for implementing and reviewing Integrity Programs in public and private organizations, cooperatives, associations, foundations, micro and small companies.

Our team closely follows the normative changes, adjusting its practices to meet with excellence the peculiarities of each project. We work from the implementation of effective Compliance Programs, robust and adherent to the specifics of each client, to conducting audits and fraud investigations.

We support our clients in identifying and managing risks, conducting effectiveness tests, assessing the cultural and organizational environment, improving governance structures, and developing policies and training. We assist clients that operate in regulated environments to enable them to meet the compliance requirements demanded by Regulatory Agencies.

We have a high level of integration among our teams, which allows for customization of multidisciplinary projects, involving the various specialties and areas of expertise to meet specific demands in each project.


  • Diagnosis of the maturity of the company’s corporate governance practices;
  • Mapping and preparation of integrity risk matrix;
  • Support in the enhancement or revision of Compliance Programs Compliance Programs programs, with the implementation of mechanisms to ensure effective compliance with internal policies and procedures;
  • Preparation or review of Codes of Conduct, manuals and internal policies;
  • Conducting Audits in Compliance Programs Compliance Programs;
  • Interviews with managers, employees and third parties;
  • Review of Internal Controls ;
  • Drafting or reviewing Clients’ anti-corruption clauses;
  • Contractual reviews to assess anti-corruption issues and prevent potential liability;
  • Preparation and conduct of Compliance training ;
  • Crisis management;
  • Conducting corporate investigations;
  • Elaboration of legal opinions and opinions on topics of Compliance.
  • Defense in administrative and judicial proceedings.
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